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NEFA announces new International Degree Programme

NEFA announces new International Degree Programme

Ryan McKnight
November 20, 2020

NEFA (North of England Football Academy) are delighted to announce that it is now offering the opportunity for International Students over the age of 18 to come to South Yorkshire to be part of their full-time football programme, alongside completing an undergraduate degree at Sheffield Hallam University.

As part of this relationship NEFA has committed to make it the most affordable international programme of its kind in the UK, which will allow more students the opportunity to remain in full time football. Some of the key points are detailed below:

  • Most affordable International Football Degree Programme in the United Kingdom (60% cheaper than most competitors)
  • Wide range of international degree options delivered by Sheffield Hallam University
  • Unrivalled games and coaching programme to include opportunity for first team Adult football
  • Football element delivered by UEFA licenced coaches who are working or have worked in the professional game
  • Options of further learning and qualifications in Talent ID, Scouting, Analysis, Football Agency, Football Business and Coaching to give a 360-degree education of the industry.

NEFA has been operating in South Yorkshire, England since 2016 and has successfully built a leading fulltime football & education programme that has developed players from all over the world. It has now educated and enhanced the lives and careers of over 125 young men.

This ‘International Degree Programme’ has been specifically designed to make it the most affordable programme of its kind, without compromising on coaching quality, games programme and the overall experience.

In fact, NEFA passionately believes that, even with being much more affordable than other offerings, they will still go on to deliver a better experience for players arriving from overseas, as Chief Executive, Ryan McKnight explains:

“I can’t tell you how passionate and excited all the expert staff are at NEFA to help extend the fulltime development of players beyond 18 years of age and in a higher education setting. It’s a cornerstone of NEFA’s purpose to keep players in fulltime football for as long as possible, and give them the best chance of playing at their highest level.

“In addition, we want to work with young players to make sure that even if they can’t make a living from playing professionally, they are doing everything possible to carve a working career within football.

“We’ve got a huge advantage here at NEFA of having everything in place and already in operation. The new International Programme will fit perfectly alongside the current 16-18 College Pathway programme.

“Plus, South Yorkshire is just an unbelievable place to come and live, study and play”.

Players will benefit on the football side from:

  • Training four times per week delivered by UEFA A License Professional Club coaches
  • A games programme (Sep-May) that will uniquely encompass 1st team Saturday football within the English Pyramid
  • Self-Development and Growth Mindset programme
  • Bespoke Strength and Conditioning Programme (delivered by professional club practitioners)
  • Dedicated Football Development Tutor
  • Bolt-on football courses in scouting, coaching and professional development
  • Professional club environment and timetable

Players will have a huge option of courses to study at Sheffield Hallam and naturally the training programme will be built around the University timetable.

Anyone interested in learning more should email, whatsapp +447743061264 or download the prospectus on the link below.

NEFA is interested in hearing from potential referral partners and recruiters to develop worldwide partnerships.

Finally, NEFA is also close to announcing a domestic degree programme for UK citizens. Keep following NEFA channels for information on that!