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NEFA has a very clear purpose and our values of Commitment, Honesty and Respect set the scene perfectly about why and how we exist.

Our six key principles below is what we do to bring those to life.

Nefa players

Our key principles:


  • Raise the bar. Begin with the end in mind, have high expectations of everyone in the organization and keep your eye on the prize.
  • Purposely create an environment in which the players feel out of their comfort zone, so they must constantly adapt. (Train on a bumpy field, field with long grass, sand field etc.) Players must learn to deal with failure and discomfort to help them grow and expand their comfort zone.
  • Stimulate creativity and solution-focused thinking. Players must make mistakes and learn by exploring what works and what doesn’t. Coaches ask questions for players to think about and answer. Coaches refrain from giving answers and solutions.



  • Each player has the responsibility to describe what they want to learn. The coach’s task is to get to know the person and learn what motivates them.
  • Players need to learn to live like a top-level athlete with a focus on proper training, nutrition and rest.
  • A growth mindset. Create an environment where players and staff believe that, with the right effort, everything can be developed.